The natural extracted oil product of hemp plants is known as Cannabidiol (CBD)  and has significant medical benefits. With BioPulse Labs technology, the CBD we use in our P19 CBD products become nano-sized. Using Nanotechnology the CBD particles become less than 10 nano-meters in diameter. They are then embedded within micro-clusters of ultra-pure water known as HydroPods. By nano sizing the CBD and other ingredients in our P19 CBD  products we are able to execute a more efficient delivery system. You will feel the effects of our P19 products almost immediately as the nano particles enter your bloodstream and cells. This allows for accurate dosing and accelerated results during consumption.





Liposomes Technology

Many people are familiar with the liposome technology, which simply takes much larger nano particles and embeds them in spheres of fat with the goal of achieving better bioavailability of nutrients through low dose oral consumption. For years, the liposomes were primarily used in skin care products, but if you search the internet now, you’ll find a liposome drug delivery the research topic for many pharmaceutical products. Some of the issues with liposomes however relate to the fact that they are somewhat difficult to create, introduce fats into your system, the nano size particles vary in size greatly, and the liposomes are slow to be absorbed into the body, typically taking roughly 2 hours to be absorbed in the small intestine.  Also, people with compromised gastrointestinal tract issues may have problems digesting and absorbing these particles. We agree that liposome delivery is an enhancement over tablets, capsules, etc., but we also see the drawbacks of liposomes.
While liposomes are interesting, most people don’t want small clusters of fat absorbed into their system, but the BioPulse HydroPod micro-clusters of water we use in our P19 CBD products have their own significant benefit in terms of cellular hydration. The nearly uniform size of the nano particles is stunning in comparison to the nano-sizing technologies employed by liposome manufacturers. The BioPulse nanotechnology used in our P19 CBD products represents a cutting-edge unique way of delivering CBD to the cells in the body.





BioPulse HydroPods

The BioPulse technology used in our P19 CBD products creates true uniform nano CBD particles less than 10 nm in diameter and embeds them within micro-clusters of ultra-pure water known as HydroPods. Because the nano CBD is encased within clusters of water molecules, the body absorbs them rapidly through the stomach, and are easily absorbed and distributed out to the cells throughout the body within several minutes.
This BioPulse Nanotechnology allows for rapid nutritional delivery of CBD which can be utilized immediately within the body.
We invite you to purchase some of our P19 CBD products, and try them for yourself.